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The BarNone Solution



The BarNone Solution is a unique, efficient, and inexpensive alternative for the replacement of the conventional bus bar used for the purpose of grounding Coax ground kits to the tower and ground system.

BarNone is designed to equalize the surge energy to the tower at the top, middle, and bottom locations in a method the offers the electrical conductivity required during the surge event. No downlead is necessary to the earth ground ring, thus eliminating the risk of copper theft.

By using the BarNone pole mount at the shelter entry portal or the equipment entrance, the energy is transferred from the Coax to the earth ground ring and eliminates the need for a copper downlead and the bus bar that is attractive for theft.

The BarNone Post can be used at the lower tower Coax ground point when it is not practical to ground to the tower steel.

The BarNone product is universal for the attachment to the tower by either an approved UL flat clamp or by using an approved UL pipe clamp. When using the post mount method, two BarNone Post adapters are installed.

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There may be other companies producing similar "BarNone" products who are in violation of patent and do not have the rights to manufacture and sell this product as designed. These are NOT the tested, approved and patented BarNone product.