The Ground Hog Connection
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Product Installation

Post Mount using 3 1/2" OD steel galvanized
schd. 40 Pipe.

The BarNone Installation Instruction Down Load

1. Stolen Bus Bar and downlead.

2. Dig hole 3" below frost line.


3. Prepare post with holes for BarNone.

4. Check hole alignment.


5. Install concrete to secure post with
a 3" fill around post 6" below
finished grade.

6. View of Grounding. Exothermic connections
to post and ground ring. Cold galvanized
on post connection.


7. Lightly dress surface

8. Install anti oxide to surface.


9. Install BarNone Pipe starter.

10. Install Lug- Spacer-Lug- Spacer using anti-oxide
between Spacer Lug.


11. End with stainless steel flat washer; stainless steel Belleville washer
stainless steel Nut: on each side and tighten. (not shown: Nylon Acorn Nuts on all thread ends.)

12. Project complete

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